35025 AR Dino World – Velociraptor Reborn

New dimension of dinosaur world. Experience the paleontologist’s work from digging to rebuild your own dinosaur.
Using ar Dino World App to enter the dinosaur world and bring them into our life.

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• New Dimension of Dinosaur World. Experience the Paleontologist’s Work From Digging to Rebuild Your Own Dinosaur.
• Using AR Dino World App to Enter the Dinosaur World and Bring Them Into Our Life.

What’s in the Box:
• AR Dino World App With One Dinosaur
• Dinosaur Tooth to Direct Access AR Dino World App
• Dinosaur Creative Studio to Create Your Own Dinosaur
• Dinosaur Stencil to Capture Dinosaur Skin Pattern
• Plaster Block
• Tools: Hammer and Chisel
• Base, Supporting Holder &Amp; Pin
• Name Card
• Smartphone Not Included
• Note: For Age 8 or Above